Who we are..

We’re a community collective of performers and arts enthusiasts who want to create a unique venue for the arts in York – The Arts Barge.

The barge – stripped back and ready to rebuild.

This is a space for everyone- we believe that the arts are important for the whole community to enjoy and we aim to build a venue where you’ll feel equally at home and welcome whether you’re an artist who’s performing, you just want to enjoy a coffee while you soak up the atmosphere or you’ve bought a ticket for a gig or event.

Gypsy Jazz on the (much smaller) barge we hired for the pilot project in 2010. CLICK PHOTO FOR PILOT PROJECT GALLERY.
Local singer-songwriter Andy Stones on the rented barge in 2010








We bought the barge in 2012 and we’ve done work on the hull to keep that in good shape until we’ve raised the rest of the money to fully renovate. She arrived in York in March 2016 to our temporary mooring in the Foss Basin. It’s great to have her here!
DSC_1046We’re a not-for-profit company (limited by guarantee) and we have  formal Asset Lock which keeps the assets of the project safe and means that profits can only go to another similar not-for-profit organisation in the event that the project can’t go ahead.

There are 4 core volunteers at the centre of the project who keep the thing rolling (see Skippers) and then a much wider group of professional and semi-professional musicians and performers who work with us on gigs and events to promote what we’re trying to do. We want to make sure that the whole community feels part of our project and we are keen to make sure that our programme of events on the barge will be created with the help of a wide group of people. (Click here to see how we plan to do that). We also have an Advisory Board who help us with decision making and planning.

There’ll be space for around 150 people in the barge on 2 different levels: the lower auditorium with cafe/bar, and the outer top deck. We’re fundraising constantly and you can help with a donation here – thanks!