The Arts Barge Advisory Board

October 2014

It’s going to be a busy and challenging phase once we get news about the barge being able to come to the Foss Basin and we can finally set to work on the design drawings and capital funding for the barge.

Although we’re still a core team of four (Marcia, Hannah, Christian and Jane) we felt that now was the time to enlist the help of some of the people whose backgrounds and skills will help us navigate through the next phase. As well as the board members, we also have the essential support of David Spencer (MD, DSP Architects, York) and Chris Gladish (Chief Naval Architect to MECAL Ltd) in renovating the barge.

Jane Sachedina – Sachedina’s Solicitors
I’m a company commercial solicitor and I’ve assisted the project on a pro bono basis from incorporation to negotiating with CYC on funding for the purchase of the barge. I am generally interested in the project and more widely interested in the arts especially when it opens it up to a wider audience as the project wishes to do.

Jeremy Coxon – Vanguard Consultancy
I live in Leeds, with my wife and four children, and I’ve known one of the skippers of the project, Christian for many years. In my work I help leaders in service organisations shift from traditional top-down ‘command-and-control’ management roles to a more systemic leadership approach… I also do a little teaching at Hull University Business School in this field. I’ve worked with many public, private and third sector clients, so I hope I can bring a useful perspective to the advisory group, and to the project.

Cathryn Houghton – City Lets, York

I love business and am passionate about providing great customer service. After 20 years working for myself (here in York and abroad) learning from my mistakes and triumphs I hope my experience can be utilised by supporting other projects or businesses. Looking forward to working with Arts Barge (I could do with introducing a bit of culture in my life!)

Ann Dunford – Garbutt & Elliott
Resident in York for over ten years I currently work as PA to the Senior Partner at accounting firm Garbutt & Elliott, having previously worked in East Yorkshire, London and Lancashire. I am a Founding Patron of the Theatre Royal in York, a contributor to local crowd funded projects – notably films Whoops the Movie and The Knife that Killed Me as well as One & Other Creative. I am also the administrator for a local charitable trust and can often be seen around the city gigging with Americana band Mulholland and duo Ghost of Electricity.

Beth Maguire – The Golden Ball Community Pub
I have managed the community co-operative pub The Golden Ball in the Bishophill area of York for the past 18 months. During this time the co-operative has won numerous awards and the business has gone from strength to strength. Maintaining the ethos and co-operative’s values are an important part of managing the pub, and part of the job that I really love.I have previously worked for the NHS in Manchester and Liverpool and for Manchester City Council. I have extensive experience in managing people and my roles have always been reactive and required good communication skills. I hope I can bring these skills and my experience to help the Arts Barge grow and continue to be the amazing project it is.

Jane Tyler – RedBlack Software
I’m founder / owner of York software company RedBlack which provides bespoke management systems to a variety of local, regional and national businesses. I love what Arts Barge is doing and want to support them in any way I can – primarily by offering systems support.

Richard Walsh – University of York
I’m Reader in English at the University of York, and I’m an enthusiastic member of the amateur musical phenomenon that is Bargestra. As Marce’s partner, I have lurked in the shadows of the Arts Barge Project for quite a while, so it’s a fair cop.

Lesley Bachelor OBE, Institute of Export

Lesley joined the board in July 2015 and while she clearly has the contacts and business acumen we need for the project, she’s also not afraid to dip her hands in the washing up bowl at festivals when necessary!

Last, but by no means least

Martin Witts – Owner Leicester Square Theatre, London.

Martin is now York-based and is the organiser of York’s first fringe festival – The Great Yorkshire Fringe. He has many years experience of venue management and progamming and we’re delighted to welcome him on board.