The Arts Barge 100 Club 2016

Here are our lovely first 100 Club members! All donating a minimum of £4 per month for a year towards the project!

Their regular donations mean that we will have a reliable income and can focus all of our efforts on getting the barge built.

Here’s what 100 Club Members said about joining us:

‘This is a fabulous community project – it brings such a lot of good to York I’m delighted to support it with a regular donation’. Maureen (Gives £5 a month)

I’ve followed the project from day one and it’s great to see it thriving now – really happy to donate regularly’ Cathy (Gives £5 a month)

‘Do it! It’s such a small amount they need to keep this project going – York needs it!’ Peter (Gives £10 a month)

What do members get in return?

  1. To feel good!
  2. A limited edition 100 Club print
  3. To feel good
  4. Regular updates on the project and how their money is being spent

Our new print for the new 100 Club (Year beginning Aug 2017) will be out shortly and limited editions will be up for grabs.

Contact us if you’d like to get your hands on one and join the 100 Club for 2017!


Many Thanks !

Marcia, Hannah, Christian and Jane