It might be winter but we’re definitely getting warmer!

Time’s flown since Galtres Festival and we’ve been flat out with barge searches, funding applications and plans for events this year and next and we  hope to have news for you on all of that within the next few weeks.

For those of you who don’t know, the community raised £5K towards the cost of a barge earlier this year and, since then, we’ve searched the length and breadth of the country for an ex working barge, the right size and shape for the mooring, something which will take a second deck and fit under the bridges in York – it’s not easy!!!

We’re currently looking at a couple of barges which have turned up quite close to home – in Goole. We’re in the process of having these checked out by a surveyor and a specialist naval architect and we’re cautiously optimistic that one of these will be suitable. You’ll be the first to know…

In other news:

The Arts Barge Project became a bona fide limited company in October. We are now officially The Arts Barge Project Limited!

The highly successful Golden Ball Cooperative is due to open its doors in November. This is a fantastic York pub which has been taken over by a community co-op. We’re keen to see the pub thrive and become a hub for the whole community.  See more here including how you can register an interest and get your name on the waiting list for shares:

We’re getting our act(s) together for our next gig on December 22nd – full on Christmas Party! – general merriment in the name of nothing more than having a good time! Invitations on their way out early next month but get that date in your diary.

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