Prize Draw Fundraiser


We’re running a Prize Draw Fundraiser for The Arts Barge build. Tickets are £5. There are loads of brilliant prizes donated by local businesses and the winning tickets will be drawn on August 1st!

Our Phase 1 Barge Build funding target is £15,000 – you can see how much we’ve raised towards this on the side-bar.  

There are loads of fabulous prizes to win donated by our generous supporters in the local businesses sector. So far they’ve donated a pile of brilliant stuff – and the prizes are still rolling in!

The current list of goodies looks like this:

There are 3 ways you can buy your ticket and your entry to our multi-prize draw.

1. Donate by Local Giving – every donation in July of £5 will get you a Prize Draw entry – i.e. £10 will get you 2 entries (do NOT donate anonymously or we won’t know who you are if you win!).

2. Every direct payment of £5 into our bank account in July will get a prize draw entry (£10 will get you two entries etc) – if you do this, you must also email with your name, address, phone number and donation amount. Here are our bank details: 
A/C No: 65724460 –  Sort Code:  08-92-99

3. Go to one of the fine establishments below in person and purchase a physical Prize Draw Ticket with cash. 

Snow Home Gillygate,
Lotte Inch Gallery, Bootham,
Pyramid Gallery, Stonegate
Frankie & Jonny’s Cookshop, Bishopthorpe Road,
Angel on the Green, Bishopthorpe Road
Alligator Wholefoods, Fishergate,
Spelman’s Bookshop, Micklegate
The Golden Ball Pub, Bishophill
Rogues Atelier, Fossgate
Chill In The Community, Front Street, Acomb

NB: If you’ve already donated £5 or more in July (or will due to a direct debit as a regular contributor) – you will automatically be entered into the prize draw!
You might have heard that earlier this year we achieved planning permission to moor the barge permanently in York City Centre when she’s fully converted for public use.  However we can’t fundraise for the cost of the full conversion build because we first need to find out how much this is going to be. An accurate costing for the renovation and build requires detailed Architect’s design plans. This involves complicated calculations from our naval architect and input from other professionals such as renewable energy consultants. This is what the £15,000 will be spent on.

Many thanks for your support and good luck!!

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