Fri 29th

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Kathleen Yore of Odd Doll Puppet Theatre and Cpt. Martin Riley present an afternoon of interactive fun with Mighty Duck, Wilhelmina Walrus and a swashbuckling piratical treasure hunt!

Two original and immersive tales for children aged 4 and upwards combining the musical and puppetry skills of Kathleen Yore with the anarchic storytelling of Martin Riley 1.00pm and 3.30pm – see details below.

Arty Farty Kids will also be in residence – making fun for little ones.


11am: Kindermusik – music session for children under 6 and their carers.

12.00pm: Junk Music Workshop: Bring some recycling with you and make it into a musical Sock monsterinstrument! And then play it in the Riverside Recycled Orchestra!

1.00pm: Mighty Duck & The Circus Spectacular. The Ringmaster is chasing fame and glory and wants the animals to dance and prance till they drop. Luckily, Mighty Duck is on her way upriver and she has a plan of her own.

2pm – 4pm: Sock Monster Making with Shooting Star Crafts 

2.00pm: The Tempest: Drama loving Children from all over York have spent the first week of their summer holidays on the Passport to Success scheme at Francis Simon Speech and Drama Academy. One of Shakespeare’s best loved plays, The Tempest has been adapted by Paul Harrison and is Directed by Frances Simon. Below – Midsummer Night’s Dream, Riverside 2015.


3.30pm – Wilhelmina Walrus, Tugboat Annie and Captain Plasma in “The Lost treasure of Tarsus”: Wilhelmina has inherited a treasure map but the evil Captain Plasma wants the gold for himself. Tugboat Annie sails out to save the day but will need a brave young crew to solve the clues and find the treasure!

4.15pm: High Tea with The Stowaway Jazz Band – the Arts Barge Jazz ensemble – accompany your tea and cake!

5.40pm: Jonny Holbek – man with a fabulous voice!

6.20pm: Caramba – An exotic mixture of world music with songs from Africa, Central and South America.

8.00pm: Selby Tony’s Friday Night:

Selby Tony hosts an evening of diverse theatrical and musical entertainment with Peter Marshall and The Lomos and:

8.00pm: Alexander Barry’s Poetical Comedy

9pm: The Canterbury Cabaret: Chaucerian Tales of The Unexpected – Songstress Madam Laycock, aka Kathleen Yore, and Anarchist Storyteller Captain Martin Riley join forces to bring one of the gems of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to life, cabaret style. May contain drink, death, sex, hypocrisy, hedonism, religion, advertising, gang warfare, magic, music, chocolate, red hot pokers, the end of the world, gold, lots of gold – and possibly nuts.

10pm: The Hyde Family Jam taking all your favourite songs over to the dark side!

Promises to be – well, not at all normal for Selby!

Hyde Family

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