Gypsy Jazz

Gypsy JazzFor listeners and players alike we are running Gypsy Jazz jam sessions with ‘spot-light performance’ slots every other Wednesday at The Victoria Vaults, Nunnery Lane, York. See our facebook page for the latest session details.

If you have not come across the style, you are missing out. Gypsy Jazz, also known as Gypsy Swing, Manouche and Hot Club Jazz is a blend of music from Romany Gypsies and American Trad Jazz with a sprinkle of French Chanson. The Hot Club style has become synonymous with virtuoso guitarist Django Reinhardt who’s legendary technique having lost much use of his left hand in a fire, created a sound as individual as it was virtuosic.

Gypsy Jazz is rather like the game of chess. Playing it can be enjoyed by anyone at almost any standard – mastering it continues to challenge the worlds finest musicians.

The arts barge Gypsy Jazz Sessions are there for musicians to develop the style and welcome anyone who wants to come along and try or simply to listen. Guitars, violin, and clarinet and accordion are always at the hub of the sound. Further to the sessions, we are developing more professional gypsy jazz bands ready for functions and events. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.