We’ve launched our Local Giving site – every little bit helps float our boat

Our Local Giving site has just gone live. If you donate through this site and complete the gift aid form (for UK tax payers) it increases the value of your donation to us by £2.50 – so £10 turns to £12.50. This will be our permanent fundraising platform – you can give any amount at any time. 

From time to time, Local Giving also runs ‘double up campaigns’ which means that the value of your donation can more than double.  But these are time-limited so you have to hurry! The next one, GIVE ME FIVE starts on December 1st so expect to hear a lot more about that soon…


You can even sign up to be a regular funder on a monthly basis which offers even more rewards for us  – currently direct debits are being match funded as well as having the £2.50 gift aid added. And it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. You can regularly donate any amount however small.

This is a safe and well-recognised charitable giving site so we hope that you can share it with your friends and colleagues. And, even better, if you run a not-for-profit group yourself you can use this referral link which means that if you start your own Local Giving campaign we’ll get £10 and so will you!

As loyal followers you’ll know that this has been an almighty (and extremely bureaucratic) process but it really does feel as though things are moving quickly now. City of York council are just drafting the formal agreement which means we can bring the barge into the Foss Basin this year – it has to be agreed and signed and there’ll be lots of conditions attached no doubt but we’re getting close – finally! When she’s in the Foss Basin we’ll do some more work on her while the planning application goes through so we’ll be putting your donations to good use very soon. Over the course of the next 6 – 8 months we’ll need as much support (not just financial) as possible for the planning phase and we’ll be in touch about that as things progress. Please read on to find out more about our Local Giving page and also about the crucial support we’re now getting from major cultural groups in York as well as local politicians who are all now supporting our cause!  

Here’s a link to our Local Giving Page

And if you want to know about the fantastic recent support we’ve been getting for the project read our Expressions of Support

This is the last big push towards our own floating arts venue – glad you’ve stuck with us!

Thanks and warm wishes

Marce, Han, Chris and Jane

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