Selby Tony – the first Arts Barge!

Selby Tony is set to become York’s first Arts Barge after she was bought from Waddingtons, Swinton earlier today. She took a while to find but she was worth the wait!

York Press were quick off the mark thanks to Gavin Aitcheson! Read article. 

For the time being she’ll stay in Swinton while we have initial works done to the exterior of the hull but we expect to bring her to York in the spring for the second deck to be added and the fit-out to be done. We’ll keep you posted on plans as they evolve.


If money were no object (if only) the work would be relatively quick and easy to complete but, inevitably, while this is a major leap forward for us, it’s really only the beginning of a LOT of hard work in getting her renovated and in use. There’s still finance to be raised  – we won’t know the full costs of this until our architect has completed designs – and there’s also the mooring itself to be finalised. All that’s in progress.

Selby Tony cost us £25,000 (significantly less than market value) – part of which was taken from City of York Council funding and part of which came from your generous crowd-funding donation of £5K last year.

Although, to some, buying an empty hull might not seem much cause for celebration, for us it’s the culmination of 4 years of hard work in starting the project from scratch and creating the buzz around it (and the belief in it) which has meant we were in a position to buy Selby Tony today. That’s an end in itself for us. BUT we don’t want it to end there!

We’ll need every bit of your enthusiasm and support for the next year or so until she’s open for business – hope you’re aboard!


Marce, Han, Chris, Jane and Steve

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