Floss arrives at Castleford!

Quick update on what’s happening with Floss. She’s just arrived at the dry dock in Castleford all ready for her survey. Next step is a heel test which is involves a marine architect checking how much she leans over when you put people on board – fairly crucial if we want dry gigs! After that, she’ll be hoisted up in the dry dock and her hull will be checked to make sure it’s in good nick and, if that’s all good, we’ll be buying her next week!

Initial works on the hull need to be done by professional boat-fitters for insurance reasons – we can’t, unfortunately, make use of our volunteers at the dry dock stage because of the heights and risks involved. But there’ll be plenty of opportunity for helping once she’s in York. What we will have is a photographic and documentary record of that stage thanks to John Illingworth, Dan Kluens and John Beecroft – who’ve all offered their time to the project as it develops. We’ll be posting out photos as and when they come in.

The planning application (as many of you know) is already in. While the current ‘owner’ of the lease is happy to let us take it over, we needed planning permission to make a barge a permanent fixture on the mooring (rather than just a temporary or intermittent project). We’ll get a decision on that in mid January. We’ve had many, many positive comments on the planning website – if you want to leave your comments you are able to do that by visiting the planning portal, registering (takes 2 minutes) and making a comment. Click here to go to our planning page and register.

If you want to meet us all and find out the latest, then luckily for you we’ve arranged a rather jolly evening’s entertainment for just that purpose! Join us at our Christmas Party at St Paul’s bridge (next to the iron bridge on Holgate Road) on Saturday 22nd December – beer, wine, mince pies, jolly tunes, loads of banter and a fair bit of dancing if you’re up for it!

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